Coca Cola love our Team Building Activity!

Coca Cola’s staff experienced one of our ‘thoroughly enjoyable’ team building laughter workshops for the first time!

They wanted a team building exercise that was fun, new and would get everyone feeling great which it sure did!  The session lasted an hour.  At first the staff seemed intrigued about what was going to happen!

We started with ice breakers, then in to some laughter therapy exercises, a marsh mallow team building contest and some deep breathing/laughter meditation to finish with.  Plenty of laughter was experienced throughout the session.

A great atmosphere was created where everyone could de-stress and get to know each other in a fun way.  Some said after it was interesting and great to see management in a different way as all took to it so well!

After the Team Leader commented, “We all thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to other teams!  Although we were slightly out of comfort zones it made us very feel very relaxed after as it encouraged really positive interaction between different members of the team.  Fascinating!  Everyone is still talking and laughing about it.  Thank you!”

Wherever and whenever we can provide a session that won’t disrupt the working day. Fun team building exercises are combined with laughter therapy exercises! We have covered Nottingham, London and most of the UK! Check our availability 0800 078 7112

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