Laughter has amazing health benefits

Research looking into the potential health benefits of laughter uncovered a vast range of long term benefits for those who laugh on a regular basis compared to those that don’t. A vast amount of studies have shown that simply laughing can provide pain relief, bringing a greater sense of happiness and general well being to those who actively have a good laugh!

So, are people getting enough laugher into their lives? According to research, we don’t think so! In a study that analysed the laughing habits of children and adults, a health child was observed to have laughed as many as 400 times per day, but adults? Only 15!

What other health benefits are people getting from laughing? Read on to find out more in our latest blog!

Provides a good distraction

Did you know that laughter actually brings your focus away from negative feelings, like anger, stress and guilt and turns them into a much deeper beneficial way of dealing with problems.

Reducing stress hormones

Laughter can actually reduce the level of stress hormones produced by the body, like dopamine, cortisol and various growth hormones. It increases the amount of health-enhancing hormones, like endorphins, being pumped into the body. This means that a stronger immune system may be coming your way if you simply remember to have a good chuckle every now and then.

You can actually be healthier!

When you laugh, the muscles in the diaphragm are exercised vigorously, contracting the abs and also providing a workout for the shoulders too! A good laugh has also been proven to provide a great workout for the heart.

How can I use laughter?

Laughter is a fantastic thing, but what else can you do to further your laughing experience to a fantastic one? Below are some examples of ways in which you can use laughter to your advantage!

Have a laugh with your friends!

If you want a quick laugh, why not try going out with your friends? If it’s to a comedy club or a movie, you’ll find loads of opportunities to have a good chuckle! Laugher holds contagious effects, that will mean you’ll laugh more than you would by yourself.

Movies can provide a good chuckle!

Entertainment is named specifically because what it gives us! If you’re at home watching TV or even if you’re in a theatre watching a film with your partner/friends, you’ll get a good chuckle from all of the comedy in the film!

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