Laughter Workshops for Team Building

The Laughing John Strategy

A happy employee typically performs better than one who is not. Although there are a number of things that can get him or her fired up, it all boils down to a joyful mood.

If we include leisure at work every now and then, it’s a great way to keep employees motivated at work, and at the same time increasing productivity that in turn benefits the business. Laughing John¬†show importance of laughter workshops in team building and improving work relations and efficiency.

Who is Laughing John?

The Team Building Laughter workshops were introduced by John Hipkiss, a professional laughter guru popularly known as Laughing John. This is based on the concept that laughter releases endorphins, which are brain chemicals that fight off stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of low work morale, resulting in reduced productivity.

Through team building laughter workshops, laughing is stimulated, thus creating an elevated mood upon employees.

Happy team during a team building workshop fuelled by LaughterHow Do Team Building Laughter Workshops Help?

Laughing John believes that laughter is the best way to bring people together. One of the most intricate dilemmas faced by people in a work environment is their aloofness with one another. Formality can get in the way of teamwork, while lack of communication brings about misinterpretations that impinge on work and employee behaviours.

Laughing together bridges the gap between people in an organisation, enabling them to see the better side of their role as an individual and as a group. This also releases the tension between management and staff, consequently making work tasks easier to bear for employees, while managers develop trust in their staff.

Laughter is a form of exercise. It improves blood circulation while invigorating the mind and body. The busy work schedules usually hinder in some employees attempts to work out and maintain their health, which gives rise to absenteeism and tardiness. With the help of team building laughter workshops, laughing is facilitated. Members of a group are provided an opportunity to relax and take their mind off of their usual affairs, which at some point triggers boredom.

Wherever and whenever we can provide a session that won’t disrupt the working day. Fun team activities are combined with laughter therapy exercises! We have held team building exercises in Nottingham, London and can cover most of the UK! Check our availability 0800 078 7112

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