Laughter Workshops

Why laughter workshops?

One of the best things about laughter workshops is that they are suitable for everyone.

New teams

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Laughter team building workshops are perfect for bringing a new team together and a great way to boost morale!
Laughter breaks down so many barriers and when you are laughing you feel as if you are with friends, so for a new team a laughter workshop can quickly get a team to gel together as if they had been working together for years not days.

Low team morale

Do you have employees in your organisation that suffer from low morale or stress?  Boost morale through laughter and boost productivity!

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happy team all waving and smiling on a team building workshopWhat is a laughter team building workshop?

I have been running laughter team building workshops for many years.  They are great fun and break down some of those human barriers of ‘personal space’ in a very short while.

How long does a laughter team building workshop take?

The great thing about my sessions are their flexibility  –  I can run a workshop in a coffee break, at lunchtimes, before work or after work   –  easily fitting in with your day.  Usually about an hour long.

happy team group with thumbs up after a team building workshopWhat else do you do?

I do energizers for conferences, team building training and away days.  If you’re not sure please give me a call.

I undertake laughter team building workshops all over the UK and have been featured on BBC 1 News and worked with national companies such as The National Lottery.

Using laughter as a medium for team building training. Every one can do it! It’s infectious and increases endorphins that make us feel good, and if we feel good we do more.  So why not see what we could do for your business and give me a call today!

If laughter is the shortest distance between two people – imagine the effect a laughter workshop will do for your team!

Wherever and whenever we can provide a session that won’t disrupt the working day. Fun team activities are combined with laughter therapy exercises! We cover most of the UK! Check our availability 0800 078 7112

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I look forward to laughing with you shortly!