Save time and money with our easy to organise Team Building Exercises & Activities

Team Building Activities LaughterOne of the easiest and most creative ways to get your team to work together is through our laughter team building exercises and activities!

Many of the exercises can be changed to suit individual settings and they are sure to get everyone coming together in a fun way in no time! Some of the team building exercises we use are trust related, and there are others that are simply designed to get your teams bonded so they can get to know each other in a fun and positive way!

FLEXIBLE:  Whether we do a  session with three team members or the whole department, there are plenty of ways we can get them to  experience getting to know each other better and laughing together which they say is the shortest distance between two people! (Victor Hugo)

IMMEDIATE BENEFITS:  Some of our most popular team building laughter activities include those such as Chase the Dragon, a Marsh Mallow Team Building Contest and Laughter Therapy Exercises!   Although we may have to alter some of the activities to fit your teams, these are designed to improve interoffice communication, morale and health which could mean less sickness and more productivity for you.  Surely a happy team is more motivated than a stressed team!

After the participants will be able to see the benefits of the activities they have learned, will see each other in a different light, and be able to apply some of the techniques in their every day work and life!

Our team building exercise sessions are designed to make members of a work setting see the benefits of working and coming together in an uplifting and positive atmosphere!

EASY TO ORGANISE:  We can accommodate any number of participants.  We just need a spacious room and can come to your office so you don’t need to finance a venue or travel! (save money)   We can also run the session to fit in and not disrupt your normal working day – at lunch or before or after the working day!  Sessions usually last about and hour or two but we can do 30 minutes or whatever length will work for you!  We will always arrive early and can set up the room for you!

Getting your team members to de-stress and come together through laughter will also create a loose, equal atmosphere where less confident members often come out of their shells as laughter is great for reducing stress and easing inhibitions!  So all will be engaged!

Including Laughter as one of the team building activities can create team bonding like you’ve seen never before. Laughing together creates the essential hormones that make us feel happier no matter where we start from.  We have run Team Building Activity Laughter workshops for many corporate organisations and public sector across the UK for  four years now!  It’s:

*  Easy to organise (see above)

*  Lower cost than many other team building exercises and activities which involve more overheads and equipment (save money)

*  Flexible – anywhere in UK, any organisation and any team size will see benefits!

Wherever and whenever we can provide a session that won’t disrupt the working day. Fun team activities are combined with laughter therapy exercises! We cover most of the UK! Check our availability 0800 078 7112

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