Team Building Events & Exercises

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundSome employees do not welcome an announcement that a team building event or exercise is being organised. However, team building events and exercises are highly beneficial in an organisation, especially if the event are well organised and executed.

Successful team building exercises should be fun for the participants. These exercises usually involve simple activities that help the participants hone their capacity to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

The activities are viewed as fun, especially when combined with laughter, but have powerful lessons regarding problem solving, respect, trust, and communication. Such team building exercises help the entire company to get better idea of how to relate with each of their team mates and colleagues in the work place.

In a team building exercise, various activities which ranges form kids games to complex problem solving challenges are performed. These may be done outdoors or indoors during the day or at night.

To avoid wasting time, the service of an experienced facilitator should be engaged. This means that there is some investment to be made. Here are some of the activities you can get in a team building event in Nottingham and in many other places globally.

The minefield this is a type of exercise that is aimed to build trust and communication skills among participants. It involves preparing a mine field by placing objects in a designated field. Select two members at a time where one is blindfolded and is lead by the other to pick an object. The person leading must not talk to the blindfolded person, but only guide him or her.

Group jungle  is an exercise in team cooperation and problem solving. It involves forming a group of six to eight people, but can be adjusted depending on specific needs. The group forms a circle and a ball is introduced. The ball is supposed to be tossed to ever individual in the group without anyone holding it twice. This is repeated with challenge to do it at a faster rate.

During team building exercises, the introduction of  laughter workshop can make the team building event more fun. Laughter helps a great deal in achieving some of the objectives of the team building event. This is as a result of laughters numerous benefits to us human beings.

Laughter is known for its ability to relieve stress, reduce pain and also help one to deal with problem solving better. It is worth noting that laughing makes difficult things in life lighter hence making a person work through them with ease.

We feel that a laughter workshop is essential since it would lead to more benefits to an organisation from a team building event.

For instance, laughter has been scientifically proved to lead to the release of the feel good hormones like “endorphins” laughing, makes a human being remain energetic because it help to oxygenate all the major organs of human body and blood. Laughter also strengthens the immune system by deepening the breath which in turn increases the lymphatic flow.

In addition, laughter is believed to cure depression and also promote cardio-vascular health by lowering blood pressure. Laugher is also believed to be an anti-ageing formula because it reduces wrinkles on the face.

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