Reduce stress, improve relations & boost morale in your workplace


A simple solution for managers & team leaders

  • Laughter as a powerful group exercise
  • A Team Laughter Workshop!
  • Clients include Shell, Coke & NHS
  • We've over 6 years proven experience
  • Your team feels motivated and de-stressed
  • New,fun & different!
  • Will leave you laughing for months after!
  • Can come to you ANYWHERE in UK
  • Easy to organise!
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"All still smiling! Really enjoyable!' NHS
Fun team building activities with new & innovative Laughter Therapy! Any length from 15 mins to a WHOLE DAY's programme!
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Team building activities

Laughter team building sessions are designed to bond, relax and de-stress your staff in a supportive, positive atmosphere. They are a mix of laughter yoga exercises, fun team building games, breathing and meditations.

Above all, the sessions are about people not taking themselves so seriously, letting go of their egos, which is great for breaking down barriers and helping people to connect. We can deliver Laughter for Team Building throughout the UK.

Whether it’s an event or team building training we will get you smiling, laughing and feeling great!

Team building Nottingham

Team Building Events

To enhance productivity and foster an ideal working environment, companies use Team Building Activities, You'll find our team building exercises make a big difference fast...
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Team building Birmingham

Laughter Workshops

Laughter workshops are a mix of team building exercises, laughter yoga exercises, new ways to laugh and de-stress, breathing and laughter meditations. Ideal for...
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Team building

The Coca Cola case study

Coca Cola's staff experienced one of our 'thoroughly enjoyable' team building laughter workshops for the first time! They wanted a team building exercises and activities that were...
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Just some of the companies that have benefited from our team building exercises and workshops

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Established 2009 we deliver Laughter Team Workshops at your meeting, conference or team event anywhere in the UK! 'The team enjoyed it very much!' Shell. HQ: Laughter for Teambuilding, 20 Hallam Rd, Nottingham NG3 6HP